Links for my language students 


1. Chinese Text to Pinyin Conversion (for Oral Quiz script)

2. Stroke Order Animation and Dictionary (Simplified) (for characters)

3. Quizlet (by University of Mississippi)

4. Chinese to English Dictionary  (LINE: free smartphone app with handwriting input) 

5. Google Translate

6. Authentic example sentences

Online Chinese Teaching and Learning Resources

■ Get your own Chinese name
Chinese Name Generator (based on your English name)
■ Pinyin
Pinyin_Pronunciation (for print version)
Pinyin practice (helpful quizzes)

   (with character and English meaning for each word

   (with text

   (with character)  

   (pinyin only)

   (no tone)

   (multiple formats)

characters to pinyin (also simplified-traditional converter)

■ Character
(Switch to Simplified or Traditional Chinese:[Ctrl] + [Shift] + [t] )
Memrise (Good for beginners, especially in helping you memorize Chinese Characters)
Zhongwen (etymology of Chinese characters)
Zdic (汉典, Chinese-to-Chinese dictionary, for advanced learners only)
Estroke (Animated Chinese characters)
Skritter (Learn to write Chinese characters)
 Chinese radicals grouped  (Recommended by 威名)
■ Vocabulary
LINE (Online dictionary for learners) 
Chinese Helper(Online dictionaries for native speakers)
Flash Cards of Chinese Characters (including the textbook Integrated Chinese)
Anki flash cards (including the textbook Integrated Chinese)
■ Grammar
■ Textbook 
Audios of Textbook and Workbook on the website of San Francisco State University:
Integrated Chinese: Level 1 Vocabulary list with character animation (click on Popular Vocab Lists on the right side)
Chinese character practice website, developed by Professor Kunshan Lee at Duke
Quizlet, Univ. of Mississippi Chinese Flagship
audio files on the publisher website: Level 1, Level 2
audio files on San Francisco State Univ website: Level 1(2nd edition), Level 2(2nd edition)
■ Auto-translate
■ Useful Expressions and Sentences
■ Based on naturally occurring conversations
(use naturally-occurring conversations. See my interview with Professor Hongyin Tao on this textbook and the theoretical implications of using authentic materials.)
■ Learn Chinese through news
iMandarinPod Special Chinese (for language learners)
The Chairman's Bao (news reading)
Decipher Chinese (news reading mobile app)
■ Other authentic materials
■ Chinese TV shows with English subtitles
■ Reality shows
■ Audiobook
audiobooks for K-12 (baobao88) (limitation: no texts)
The Stories of Tiantian (Good: good for beginners; has both texts and audio files. Limitation: text doesn't have pinyin for all the words)
Chinese Breeze Graded Reader Series (Good: good for beginners; has both texts and audio files. Limitation: text doesn't have pinyin for all the words)
■ Readings
(All levels. Based on word frequency info. Level 1 is novels written with approximately 300 words that are most frequently used by native speakers. Stories written by professional creative writers.)
Popjisyo (Pop-up dictionary for reading web pages in Chinese)
Reading Into a New China (textbook for advanced-level students)
Mandarin Companion Graded Readers (Level 1:300 unique characters. Level 2: 450 unique characters. )
■ Culture
Discovery 2017 Documentary on China: Ep1, Ep2, Ep3.
Too Big For China | Startups (Documentary 2018)
■ Learning Chinese and Traveling in China 
Happy Journey Across China (Intermediate level)
■ Games to learn Chinese
PinYinPal(developed by Dr. Mah and her team. I served as a consultant.)
■ Smartphone apps
Pleco (android, dictionary)
Speak and translate (Speech input, translate from Chinese to English)
Skritter (iphone)
ChineseSkill (iphone, including a Pinyin chart with four tones, Survival Chinese, and Fluent Now)
Laowai Pro (Learn the pronunciation of over 1000 Chinese characters and words)
Decipher Chinese (news reading mobile app)
■ Interaction with L1 speakers
Hellotalk (Language exchange)
Hello Chinese (Android app) 
Hello Chinese (iPhone app)
HiNative (smartphone app)
Jeenie (Language assistance for travelers)
Ask Panda (Ask questions to native speakers, web-based)
■ Learner Websites
Huayu World (Taiwan)
■ Learning Tips
■ K12 resources
■ For teachers
Quia (online quiz maker)
Loom (free screen and video recorder to make videos for sharing, video tutorial)
■ For Chinese programs
■ Other Useful Links
Learning Chinese Online - by Dr. Tim Xie
Marjorie Chan's ChinaLinks - by Dr. Marjorie K.M. Chan
Chinese Learning/Teaching Resources - by Dr. Hsiang-Hua (Melanie) Cha




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